Labiaplasty  |  29/07/2016

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My daughter was born in late 2007; and since then I’d noticed bowel movements were more and more difficult. My daughter was rather large, and the delivery was not a very easy or simple.

After an 8 year struggle with worsening symptoms, and general discontent I started to really delve into researching my options. I did as much research on procedures as well as surgeons as I could and truly believe I could not have made a better decision.

By no means was the procedure, well more so the recovery, a walk in the park. I am grateful I listened to the team and took then entire recommended week off of work because it was far from something I was capable of bouncing right back from.

That being said the staff was meticulous in maintaining my comfort and always took concerns seriously. The staff was always helpful, understanding, knowledgeable, and above all else incredibly competent in handling my procedure (pre-, during, and post-op) in the utmost professional and empathetic manner.

The price I was asked to list above was what was billed pre-insurance discount; but since my deducible had been met my total out of pocket cost (minus prescriptions) was somewhere closer to $730 or so (including facility fee for the OR, lab work, anesthesia, and the surgeon’s portion- surgery and office visits). As far as surgical procedures go I am very satisfied with the cost, and feel it was all well worth the investment.

Before & After

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