Labiaplasty  |  11/12/2015

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I have been searching for a Dr for about five years had concerns about my vaginal area appearance, painful intercourse, bleeding after and labia getting in the way along with feeling like my tampons were being pushed out of me. Well did lots of research found Dr George Shashoua. Booked my flight out for my exam and he and his staff took me right in listed everything that was needing repair and did a couple test so we knew exactly what I was going to be considering for surgery day. Come to find out I needed a vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty made my surgery date for December 11th 2015.

I flew in the night before, went in for surgery the next day and spent a couple days at the surgery center. Was feeling a bit groggy when I woke up didn’t really have any pain i’m sure that was because I was on really good pain meds.

Everyone at this facility was great. Went to hotel rested and before I left for home went to the Drs office to have catheter removed. Over the next five weeks I really didn’t feel to bad just uncomfortable in my vaginal labia area where I felt a little pain and lots of itching due to stitches. Dr Shashoua and his staff gave me meds for this and I also used triple antibiotic cream and sprayed some itch relief spray as needed along with my baths this helped alot.

Well its been over six weeks now and what a difference- I feel amazing and look so much better. I am so amazed with Dr Shashoua’s work, I cant thank him enough makes me wanna cry the way he has truly changed my life. Dr Shashoua knew exactly what to do in this area he was very caring great since of humor and made me feel at ease though the entire procedure.

To Dr Shashoua and his wonderful caring staff Thank You all !!!!

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