Labiaplasty  |  27/04/2015

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I had labiaplasty, vaginal prolapse repair, and a mid-urethral sling surgery done by Dr. Shashoua at the end of April. I have never liked the appearance of my labia, I always worried when wearing a bathing suit that it would show. After having my second child I could not sneeze without having to cross my legs and running was out of the question. I found Dr. Shashoua online and read previous reviews from other patients and I ended up making an appointment for labiaplasty. I went to my appointment and explained to him all my girly problems going on. He did his check up and suggested these three procedures and explained everything to me. Surgery went great, there was a lot of swelling, bruising, and pain the first few days. I would recommend about 4-6 weeks off for full recovery time . It took me around four weeks to get my routine back to normal. I have had a great experience with his entire office. They took care of all my questions and needs. I am so happy with my results . It has changed my life. These people are great at what they do.

Before & After

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