Labiaplasty  |  16/09/2015

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I had fantastic results! My labia was constantly getting caught in my clothes and therefore interfering with my day to day life. After reviewing several specialists in the Austin area, I decided to meet with Dr. Shashoua. He was informative, friendly, honest, and gave me options which were trailered to my request. His staff was friendly, prompt, paid attention to detail well, and very helpful. The surgery went smoothly, with zero pain for me (I was given some pain medication), and was over before I knew it. Post surgery, I had some questions and the staff were very responsive, prompt, and helpful. After my labia healed, the top of one side did not quite match the other side and Dr. Shashoua was able to touch it up, free of charge. Because the area was so small, it healed very quickly. My experience has been fantastic! I am happy with the results and I wish I got it done sooner.

Before & After

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