Labiaplasty  |  21/02/2014

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I had my labiaplasty February 21, 2014. It’s been 5 weeks today since the procedure. The initial exam was quick and Dr. Shashoua is very personable. They get all of your personal info, any medications, etc…on this visit. I met with a lady about the cost of the procedure and got her number so that I could schedule after I checked my calendar. Called about a week later and set it up. Everything goes very fast at this office, which is nice. Medications are called in and you pick them up ahead of time because you have to put on the numbing cream and take a pain pill and an anti anxiety pill before you go. The actual labiaplasty is fast and painless. Dr. Shashoua did the removal of tissue and Sarah (I’m not sure if she is a NP or PA…one of those) did the stitches.

The first week I did have pain, but I took minimal pain medication after about 3 days, so it would have been better I’m sure if I had taken more. You can’t use soap, just water to clean the area, so that was uncomfortable to me. The pain that I had was not unbearable for me, but I was definitely uncomfortable and it sort of reminded me of the episiotomy after having children. It was a little worse than that for me, because I had stitches along both sides. The second week I was still in pain, but was given a medication that I could take and still drive and work…it helped a little. The third week was the worst for me, but when I went in for a follow up and explained that I was in, what I thought, was way too much pain for it being that long, they did a swab. I ended up having a yeast infection and a bacterial infection starting. I was given medication and felt better within a few days.

I went back early this week and am told everything looks good and to give it time to flatten out. I have an appt in 2 months. I’m not totally feeling back to normal, but I don’t have constant pain and the area is getting less sensitive all the time. The majority of the staff are really nice and helpful. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes, and since I’m usually pretty early, I’m called in before my appt time. I wasn’t sure a couple of weeks ago, but presently I am happy with my decision to have the labiaplasty.

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