Labiaplasty  |  13/04/2015

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If you are considering a vaginal prolapse repair with mesh to correct a cystocele, rectocele, and/or enterocele, I hope you will take the time to read about my experience…as it has been life changing in many ways.

I moved to the Austin area in Oct. 2014, after having lived in Houston for 51 years. I had been diagnosed with a stage 2 prolapse by my urogyn in Houston. This was a condition I had hoped to tolerate the rest of my life. However, it wasn’t long after I moved that I knew everything was now much worse. One way I knew this is that because of recurrent uti caused by incomplete emptying of the bladder, I had been catheterizing every 6 hrs. for almost 2 yrs and it was a necessity that I now found very difficult to do because of the prolapse. In addition to this, I was uncomfortable.

After extensive research, I made an appt. with Dr. Shashoua. I knew the minute I was met by the ladies checking me in, that this office was run in a friendly and professional manner. After an examination…more through than any I had ever had…Dr. Shashoua explained the procedures I needed and the results each would produce. One thing that he said that my other urogyn had never even mentioned was that he felt he could also fix the bladder so that it would empty properly….thus freeing me from constant infections and a life that was centered around being home to catheterize four times a day. He answered all my questions concerning the mesh that is used in a way that took away my fear due to ads on TV. In all my discussions with Dr. Shashoua and/or his nurses, I am always treated with patience and kindness.

I had vaginal prolapse repair with mesh (cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, and bladder repair) on 4/13/14 in Arise Hospital-excellent nursing care, large rooms, and good food. The surgery went very well. The first two days, I was catheterized and it wasn’t until the cath was removed before I left the hospital that I panicked because I was afraid I was now incontinent…because I had a couple of accidents. I saw Dr. Shashoua just one day after release from the hospital and he assured me that I was alright and to just give it some time. During this visit, the urine in my bladder was measured and it was alarming to have so much residual urine after voiding. Although I felt disappointed and scared, the wonderful results started happening as I was told they would…gradually day by day…until when measured now, I have zero residual! No more infections or catheterizing! I did get an infection after surgery..which is not unusual after having been catheterized and retaining large amounts of urine in the bladder. Here again, Dr. Shashoua knew exactly how to explain what was causing this and referred me to my urologist for treatment. During the entire time I was being treated by my urologist, Dr. Shashoua insisted that I see him, too. I really appreciated his monitoring during the time I was seeing the urologist. He and his staff were a constant source of comfort because they took the time to explain everything I was experiencing and were involved in seeing that I made a successful recovery. I am so very grateful to have had such a dedicated doctor and staff. Dr. Shashoua understands that for women this is not an easy condition to talk about. He immediately puts you at ease, but more importantly, you know very quickly how skilled he is as a surgeon. I have never written a review, but this is one time I have because I hope that in reading this, anyone facing this kind of surgery will be confident that they are in the care of such a brilliant surgeon as Dr. Shashoua.

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