Labiaplasty  |  17/09/2016

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After years of dealing with pain and discomfort from excessive labial skin and careful consideration and online research of the procedure I finally came across Dr. Shashoua. I read tons of online reviews and had seen his extensive experience in the field. I finally decided to go in for a consultation to seek a professional’s opinion on my situation. From the moment I stepped in the office, the staff were very friendly and welcoming. The assistants, nurses and Dr. Shashoua all made me feel so comfortable discussing such a very personal issue. The labiaplasty procedure seemed very quick and although there was pain following the procedure, which was to be expected, i felt that overall I healed very quickly. After 2 days I didn’t feel the need for my pain medication and at 3 days post op I was back resuming my normal work routine. I ended up coming back in with a minor concern and Dr. Shashoua was quick to get me back in to resolve this as he wanted me to be fully satisfied with my results. Dr. Shashoua and his staff are amazing and anyone looking into labiaplasty should definitely give their office a look.

Before & After

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