Labiaplasty  |  08/06/2016

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I was having some discomfort while exercising with chaffing and rubbing on my yoga pants during long runs. The surgery itself was easy- I was asleep and numb for the first several hours post op. Once the numbing wears off the stitches were super uncomfortable. The only relief came from keeping an ice pack between my legs. Over the next week as I was up and walking more I would swell which would cause more discomfort. Again more ice and pain meds would give me some relief. The stitches are so uncomfortable for about 10 days. It’s awkward to sit and walk. However, once they started softening I was able to walk more normal and sit with ease. By 2 weeks post op I was feeling more like myself again with no more pain meds. Now I am 4 weeks post op and am super happy with my results! I barely feel any discomfort and am ready to resume all normal activity. Dr Shashoua and his nursing staff were super professional in what can be an awkward exam and conversation. I highly recommend his office and this procedure.

Dr Shashoua really made me feel at ease and justified in wanting this Procedure. He really took care of all of my needs at one time and was very accommodating of my schedule since I live out of town.

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