Labiaplasty  |  22/10/2014

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I always felt uncomfortable with my labia, so finally I went to see Dr. Shashoua after learning about him through a google search. Dr. Shashoua and all of his wonderful nurses and P.A.s were very kind, professional, and informative throughout my entire experience. I went in for a pre-op and was guided through the procedure he wished to do. The actual procedure wasn’t bad at all, I just dozed off. I actually went back to work that afternoon, after going home to nap. The pain wasn’t bad the first day, but the swelling began and continued for about 10 days. The worst swelling occurred about a week into the procedure. I recommend lots of ice packs! Also, purchase several pairs of seamless underwear.. getting stiches and glue caught in loose threads is not fun. During my initial post op (2 weeks out) they removed some of the stiches and glue. The rest came off by itself within 6 weeks. When I returned for my final post op, I was overall quite pleased with the results. I’m no longer experiencing irritation from rubbing against my clothes, and aesthetically the area is much improved. However, there is still a bit of extra skin. I’m going to wait a few months and see if everything flattens and smooths out, but Dr. Shashoua has assured me that if the final result is not to my liking, he will fix it. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a labiaplasty. A+++!

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