Labiaplasty  |  17/06/2017

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So it has been six weeks post op and I had an appointment today for a checkup and decided that is enough time to reflect back and write this review. I have wanted a labiaplasty done for many years. After graduating from college I decided it was a good time to get the procedure done. I made sure take a week off of obligations for the procedure and booked my appointment. For my initial consultation, I met with one of the nurses there and she made me feel confident that going with Dr.Shashoua is the right choice as he has done this procedure for many years. Although I didn’t get see him for the consultation, he called me later that evening to answer any my questions I may have had and offered for me to come in see him if that would make me feel better. I declined because I felt comfortable going forward and actually didn’t see him until the morning of my procedure. I came in well medicated and receive local anesthesia. The procedure took about an hour and a half and I was out the door soon after. Make sure to arrange a ride home because you won’t be able to drive. I wish I had bought more items to prepare me for post procedure, such as a donut seat lol. Fast forward six weeks and I had a follow up today. Going in for the follow up, I knew I wanted a revision and was nervous soI asked to meet with Dr. Shashoua. First thing I saw when he came in was a big smile which made me feel instantly more at ease. We decided for a revision because my left side was slightly larger than the right and I wanted more trimmed and he made me feel comfortable in the decision. The revision is included in the original $3,000 price. I will have the revison in September but right now I am happy with how everything is going. The staff are also all very nice and professional which made me and feel comfortable whenever I came in. I would definitely recommend Dr.Shashoua and would choose him if I had to do this procedure again.

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