Labiaplasty  |  04/02/2015

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Before I had this surgery, I was very anxious/nervous how it might turn out. When I met Dr. Shashoua, he answered all my questions and put my concerns to rest the best he could. His staff was always available any time I needed to get a hold of them. After my first surgery, I had a lot of swelling and a couple spots I was unhappy with and Dr. Shashoua monitored those areas throughout my follow up appointments. After the first 6 weeks of healing, we both agreed a revision surgery would be ideal. It has now been another 6 weeks after my revision and I am happy with the results. Dr. S wants his patients to be happy and he does a very good job seeing that through. I’m so appreciative of his work and glad I made the decision to do this! I would recommend him to anyone who feels they need or want this surgery.

Before & After

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