Labiaplasty  |  06/07/2016

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My large labia have been uncomfortable and in my opinion, aesthetically displeasing for as long as I can remember. After extensive online research I came across a Doctor with excellent before and after pictures, as well as years of experience. Dr. Shashoua has a warm and assuring bedside manner. The procedure was straight forward and everything was explained clearly with no room for misunderstanding. I received a labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction. I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Shashoua, more important than his manner, has impeccable technique. I am now comfortable at my labor intensive job as I am no longer being pinched and having to adjust myself. Also, it looks great in a tight bathing suit! No more bulge! The site healed with no complications and the staff called periodically to follow up. Both of the Nurse Practitioners deserve recognition as well. Thank You!

Before & After

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