Labiaplasty  |  31/01/2017

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First off, let me just say that if you are debating having surgery and the idea of recovery is what is holding you back, just do it. It really was not anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be (though I think going to a surgeon who specializes in this sort of thing and has had a lot of practice with this sort of thing played a HUGE part in that). Dr. Shashoua, Kristin and Sarah (his two nurse practitioners), and the whole office really, were very informative and made it very clear prior to surgery that they would be there if needed and I can honestly say they absolutely have been. Communication definitely seems to be something they prioritize because I have had no problems getting through to one of them (Dr. Shashoua actually called me on a Saturday within like 10 minutes of me calling the hospital to ask about something restroom related). I drove in from out of town to have the surgery done by Dr. Shashoua and I could not imagine getting it done by a surgeon in my own city would be any easier with how consistently involved they have been from the start and I know with how I am feeling now that it really was the right decision. I could feel relief from the pressure I had been having pretty much as soon as I woke up after surgery and going to the bathroom now is like a whole new experience, I cannot remember the last time prior to this surgery that I was actually able to just sit down and go without it being some big ordeal or accompanied by extreme discomfort. I cannot say thank you enough, this surgery really has been life changing.

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