Why does my daughter have trouble down there?

Posted by ALVR | August 26, 2017

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One of the toughest things for a young girl is experiencing anatomical differences in a very private area, such as the labia. Often, young girls and teens will not want to initiate a discussion about those differences and may not realize that there are treatment options available. Some girls will become aware of the labia around the time of puberty. For these girls, the labia may become longer than what is typically causing discomfort in tight clothing or with exercise and even a bulging appearance in swimsuits. This may be especially bothersome for very active teens who play sports or participate in cheerleading or dance. There is a genetic component to the enlarged labia, especially when noticeable from a young age, compared to later in life or with pregnancies and deliveries. However, this does not mean that as their mom, you will have the same issue. We have seen mother and daughter patients with very similar changes to the labia, seeking a vagina tightening operations and we also see lots of teenage girls who are accompanied by their moms, who never dealt with this issue. Girls will describe having to “tuck the labia in” to fit more comfortably into underwear and may notice irritation to the area. When is labiaplasty appropriate? Labiaplasty surgery is an option when the labia becomes disruptive to daily routines and overall comfort. For patients under the age of 18, they may undergo surgery with the consent from a parent or legal guardian. A brief conversation with your daughter about her comfort and questions she has can go a long way. We perform consults with mothers and daughters routinely, where we will obtain a history, go over anatomy, treatment options, discuss procedures and recovery in detail. We work with all of our patients very closely through the recovery period to ensure optimal healing, comfort, and overall satisfaction. We are happy to help in the conversation!

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