What is the Recovery Time for Labiaplasty Surgery?

Posted by ALVR | April 29, 2015

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Recovery time following labiaplasty or labia reduction ranges from a few days to one week. This is the amount of time patients usually take pain medication following the procedure and will need to take off from work or avoid driving. At the time of surgery, sutures are placed that will dissolve over the next 4 to 6 weeks. For this reason, vaginal rest from intercourse is usually advised for 6 weeks while the incision site is healing and the sutures are dissolving. We will see patients 1 to 2 weeks after surgery and again at six weeks for their final post-operative exam. We may see patients for additional visits should any questions or concerns arise throughout the healing process. We always work closely with each patient to ensure she is comfortable throughout the procedure, healing process and ultimately the final post-operative outcome. Although patients are generally cleared to resume intercourse after six weeks, the labia will continue to heal and flatten out over the next several months. Our before images are taken at the time of the procedure and after images are typically taken 6 weeks post op. This will give you an idea of how well healed the labia is at 6 weeks. While the clitoral prepuce or clitoral hood may be excised, the clitoris itself is not affected by the procedure and normal or possibly enhanced sensation will continue post operatively. Recovery is generally the same for labiaplasty with or without removal of the clitoral prepuce and the posterior fourchette. If vaginal rejuvenation is performed in combination with a labiaplasty procedure, recovery and post-operative restrictions are similar however patients may take closer to 1 full week off from work. If a formal vaginal prolapse repair is done at the time of surgery, patients typically take 2 weeks off from work.

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