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Posted by ALVR | November 21, 2017

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When considering labiaplasty, there are a few areas that women are typically concerned when discussing vaginal surgery which leaves a lot of women wondering, “Is my vagina normal?” without really knowing there may be a couple different problems going on downstairs.

Generally, the labia are the biggest concern but sometimes the tissue that covers the clitoris can also be enlarged and bothersome.

Women with hypertrophy of the clitoral prepuce often complain of difficulty with orgasm due to minimal clitoral exposure. Other women may simply notice an excess or mound of tissue at the top of the inner vagina that is bothersome.

During the labiaplasty procedure, the clitoral prepuce (also called preputium clitoridis but most commonly known as the clitoral hood) is addressed and the excess tissue is trimmed which is done to reduce the redundant skin that is associated with the area. It is important to note that Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation does not operate on the clitoris itself, only the tissue around it. By reducing the clitoral prepuce, women will typically start to experience improved sensation and stimulation.

It is well-known that a lot of women are concerned with decreased sensation after this type of procedure but when the procedure is done correctly there is no involvement of the erectile tissue of the clitoris and therefore no risk of damage to this area.

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