The Art of the Office Labiaplasty Procedure

Posted by ALVR | September 10, 2013

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There are several factors to consider when performing an office Labiaplasty:

  • First and foremost is using a technique that enables the surgeon to remove a precise amount of labial skin. Each patient has her own idea as to how she wants her labial skin to look. In order for the procedure to be a success, the amount of skin removed has to match the individual patient’s vision.
  • Remove any excess clitoral skin so that the labial appearance looks natural.
  • Perform the procedure in a way that is comfortable for the patient.

With these factors in mind, our office Labiaplasties go as follows:

  • Dr. Shashoua meets with the patient pre operatively and understands the desired result, i.e. How much labial and clitoral skin the individual patient wants removed
  • Patients are given oral narcotic and sedative medications prior to the procedure.
  • The skin of the labia (and clitoris if applicable) is numbed thoroughly with an anesthetic. The injection of the anesthetic is done in a way that minimizes tissue distortion.
  • Electrocoagulation is used to remove the skin precisely and with minimal blood loss.
  • The skin edges are sutured back together non-traumatically resulting in a natural appearance of the labia after healing is completed.
  • Recovery time following labiaplasty or labia reduction is typically a few days to 1 week. This is the amount of time patients usually take pain medication following the procedure and will need to take off from work. Vaginal rest from intercourse or tampons while the incision site is healing is usually 6 weeks.

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