Suture Used in Labiaplasty

Posted by ALVR | December 8, 2014

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Labiaplasty surgery is done to remove excess or hypertrophic labial tissue. At Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation, the excess labial tissue is removed by electrocauterization, often as an in office procedure. With electrocauterization, a small bladeless instrument is used to cut and coagulate the tissue, removing the excess labia and stopping or preventing bleeding during the procedure. Once this portion of the procedure is completed, the incisions are closed using vicryl sutures, both interrupted and running along the incision line. The interrupted or individual sutures are placed to re-align the new anatomy and to take tension off of the incision line, improving post-operative healing. The running or continuous suture is placed to completed bring the edges of the incision together from top to bottom. There are a variety of different types of sutures that can be used to close the skin edges during labiaplasty. Vicryl is a synthetic absorbable sterile surgical suture. Dissolvable suture is our preferred suture to use for labiaplasty. We find dissolvable suture to be the most comfortable for the patient throughout the healing process. Additionally, this avoids the need for an additional visit with suture removal that can be uncomfortable. Vicryl is soft, flexible and generally non-irritating. As it dissolves, it creates a harmless discharge. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the suture to completely dissolve although pieces of suture will often start to fall out prior to the six week period. Once the suture is gone, the dampness or discharge they create will be gone. The remaining labial tissue will continue to flatten out with time giving a more natural appearance following surgery. Restrictions after surgery include vaginal rest, avoiding intercourse for about 6 weeks until the area has healed. Some strenuous exercise may also be avoided, depending on the type of activities.

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