Life After Labiaplasty

Posted by ALVR | August 24, 2017

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The labia can be enlarged for a number of reasons, including genetics, age, and vaginal deliveries, or hormonal changes that come with pregnancies. Some girls will notice their labia are larger around the time of menarche or puberty. For them, the enlarged labia or labial hypertrophy is a genetic variance. This can be bothersome for many years, especially with certain clothing or underwear while exercising, swimming, and playing sports. While there is a genetic component to the enlarged labia, often girls do not discuss this issue with their moms or even their friends. By the time we see patients for surgery, they often report having researched labiapalsty surgery for years before finally finding our practice. The surgery itself typically takes around 3 hours and is done as an outpatient procedure, in our clinic. Patients take about 1 week off from work and 6 weeks for vaginal rest, or no intercourse. After stitches are dissolved, the new, shortened labia flattens out for a more natural appearance and will no longer hang down or become caught in clothing, pull during intercourse, or cause bulging in bathing suites. While the labia is a tender area, the recovery is relatively brief for such an altering procedure. Life after labiaplasty is a life free of worrying about bulges, adjusting, or tucking. Some of our patients who had vagina tightening surgery in their teens with excellent results are able to resume their active lifestyle without the burden of enlarged labia. We have patients who spent years researching the best treatments, surgeons, and techniques tell us time and time again, they wish they had found us sooner. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing about the excitement our patients feel the first time they go for a run, are able to wear yoga pants or the excitement they have from their new appearance after labiaplasty. Before and after pictures and patient reviews are a great way our patients share their experiences with women who are yet to experience the joys of life after labiaplasty.

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