Is labiaplasty safe?

Posted by ALVR | July 18, 2017

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As more and more women consider labiaplasty procedures, the topic is also becoming more talked about in everyday media. As more information becomes available to patients, it is important to obtain accurate information regarding the procedure itself as well as the after effects. The question as to whether labiaplasty procedure is safe has come up often and many women are concerned about loss of sensation and numbness after the procedure.

The most important thing a patient can do is be informed about the surgery they are having and research the physician with whom they are having the procedure. The number one recommendation if you are deciding on labiaplasty procedure is to find a surgeon who specializes specifically in this procedure and has a thorough understanding of female pelvic anatomy. What this means is just because a surgeon says they can do them, does not mean they are proficient in them. Research your doctor and research the reviews. You want a physician who does these surgeries frequently and consistently has good outcomes.

Sensation related to labiaplasty procedures is very important and a big part of why women have this procedure. When this procedure is performed correctly, there should be no long term numbness or decreased sensation. During the actual procedure, the excess tissue from the labia is removed while avoiding damage to the erectile tissue of the clitoris. Many women have an enlarged clitoral hood which actually makes exposure of the clitoris more difficult with intercourse. With a reduction of the labia and clitoral hood, there is better exposure of the clitoris typically leading to improved sensation.

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