Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Practical Reasons to Consider Labiaplasty

Posted by ALVR | May 3, 2017

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Have you ever wondered “Is labiaplasty right for me?” or possibly, “What are the overall benefits to having the procedure done?” There are a variety of reasons women begin looking into the procedure. The most common misconception is that women do this solely for aesthetic reasons. The highest driver of labiaplasty procedures is actually related to the discomfort caused by enlarged or hypertrophic labia. This enlargement can affect both the labia minora and labia majora. It can be a result of hormonal changes as well as heredity.

Friction in the Bedroom

Exercise, as well as intercourse, can cause friction in the vaginal area leading to rubbing and pain, which can be very bothersome to some women. In some cases, women may develop sores related to the rubbing which can worsen the discomfort further. Intercourse is a big reason for women who are seeking labiaplasty procedures. Enlarged labia are commonly problematic due to the friction created in the process. Women may experience tugging or pulling during sex which can cause pain and discomfort and may make entry during intercourse an issue as well.

Clothing Discomfort

Some women may experience difficulty wearing or maintaining comfort in certain clothing if there is a labial enlargement. Exercise clothing and more form-fitting clothing including underwear and swimsuits can constrict the area. Depending on the level of labial enlargement, it can also be visually problematic. By reducing the excess skin, women quickly become more confident and more comfortable in their clothing.

Do What Feels Right

The beneficial aspects of labiaplasty are not only aesthetic but also improvement of day-to-day function stemming from improved comfort. If you have experienced discomfort as a result of enlarged labia, this procedure may be right for you. Additionally, these procedures are done under local and oral anesthetic with a relatively short recovery time allowing for a return to full activity usually within 6 weeks.

Before & After

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