Clitoral Sensation after Clitoral Hood Reduction

Posted by ALVR | December 23, 2014

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When the labia minora tissue is enlarged, it is very common to also have enlargement of the clitoral hood or clitoral prepuce. The clitoral hood is the skin that forms the fold over the clitoris. The clitoris is erectile tissue with a dense number of nerve endings.

In addition to reducing the size of the labia minora, we often recommend clitoral hood reduction during labiaplasty. This gives a symmetrically smaller appearance to the external genitalia. If only the labia are removed at the time of procedure and the clitoral hood is left in place, this may give a less natural look. The clitoral hood can appear to protrude even more, once the excess labial tissue has been excised.

Clitoral hood reduction does not affect the body of the clitoris or its nerve endings. There is no loss of sensation in the clitoral body itself from labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction. In fact, reduction of the clitoral hood exposes more of the clitoral body, which enhances clitoral sensation. Some women who complain of decreased stimulation with intercourse actually benefit from clitoral hood reduction, when the issue is related to redundancy of the clitoral hood. A common question is if clitoral hood reduction may result in over stimulation of the clitoris. While stimulation may increase due to improved exposure, over stimulation has not occurred in any of our labiaplasty patients with clitoral hood reduction. If the clitoral hood is not removed at time of labiaplasty, it can be performed later as a second procedure. The reason we recommend having both areas reduced at the same time is to reduce healing time and the need for a second surgery. The primary restriction following labiaplasty is vaginal rest (no intercourse) for four to six weeks, while the incisions heal. If a second procedure is done, this will result in a second healing period.


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