Before and After Labiaplasty Surgery

Posted by ALVR | October 27, 2017

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Life before and after labiaplasty surgery are two dramatically different experiences. Life with irritation, pulling, pinching, not being able to wear your bathing suit with comfort and ease is your life before labiaplasty. Women describe years of pulling pain, embarrassment from bathing suits or workout clothes, and spraying of the urine stream from the urine hitting the labia. But there’s no need to worry, however.

In today’s world there is an abundance of information available on the internet concerning vaginal surgery: labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation procedures. And often, women research this procedure for years before they find us. We are able to perform an exam and review a picture of our patient to discuss exactly what she wants done and what to expect with her surgery. Patients then meet with Carol, our surgery scheduler who goes over cost and scheduling. Often, after years of research and consideration, our patients leave with a smile on their face, a labiaplasty care kit in hand and a surgery date scheduled just around the corner. We pride ourselves in accommodating our patients by offering labiaplasty surgery throughout the week and once a month on Saturdays.

Convenience and satisfaction are key.

Preoperative visits are often done by phone, medicine faxed in, and before she knows it, that hanging labia has been treated and she is on the road to recovery. We follow along closely with our post-op patients to ensure they are comfortable and all of their needs are met for a swift recovery. Patients are seen for a few visits after surgery then at their final post-op, we are able to take an after picture and review the transformation.

Runners describe being able to run without chafing or frustration. Cheerleaders feel more comfortable and confident. Swimmers and our yoga buffs can glide through the water and stretch with ease! That spraying urine is a nice single stream and life is just life, no longer requiring a search for comfort or change.

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