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Labiaplasty (labia minora reduction) and labia majora reduction address the hypertrophic tissue of the inner and outer labia. Some patients present with complaints of both and require reduction of both areas.

We are pleased to offer them as a combined outpatient procedure.

The length of the procedure is longer when the two are combined. The benefit of the combined procedures is shorter recovery time than if you scheduled them separately.

Total recovery time associated with the combined procedures is 6 weeks. Most patients require 2 weeks off work. Ice and warm water baths help with the discomfort and swelling which improves with time.

We are pleased to provide our services to patients in Austin, as well as out of town and out of state. For our patients traveling to Austin, we can often set up procedures based on phone consultation and secure photo upload. We typically ask our patients traveling from out of state to stay locally overnight, in the instance there are any issues within the first 24 hours after surgery.

Below is a before and after photo of one of our patients who underwent labiaplasty with labia majora reduction.





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